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Folder Crypt 3.6

Folder Crypt--encrypts your Windows files or folders using low level encoding
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Folder Crypt is an application that enables you to encrypt your most important files and folders using true low level encoding algorithms combining:
- DES (64 bit)
- Triple DES (128 bit)
- AES-Rijndael (up to 256 bit)
- Blowfish (up to 448 bit)
- ArcFour (up to 2048 bit)

Protect your sensitive data with this strong encryption and make sure that it won't be copied, modified or used by anyone but yourself!
This process is not reversible, once you encrypt the information you will need to enter a secure password to retreive it so be very carefull when you do it.

You can also use Folder Crypt as a normal folder replacement. This will give you real-time bit by bit encrytion! Just choose "Enable Metadata" in the folder options, Encrypt it and use it like any other folder, when you are done just save your work and everything will be secured again.

Main Features:
* Low level encryption
* Fast and easy to use
* File compression

Evaluation version limitations:
- 30 days trial
- Nag screen

You will need to have .Net Framework 1.1 or better installed to use Folder Crypt.

Sebastian Vitangeli
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  • Low level Encryption
  • Fast and Easy to use
  • Integrates with the Windows Shell
  • File Compression


  • No backdoors, if you loose your password you loose your data
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